Sunday, February 25, 2007

And SEW it Begins

Welcome to my sewing journal!

I learned to sew about 8 (?) years ago. I bought a reconditioned sewing machine (a Husky by Viking) and took a class. I made myself a few jumpers, they didn't fit that great, but not bad for a beginner. We won't talk about the big hole I made in the lining of the corduroy jumper I made (I tried to iron it, DUH!, and it melted, LOL). It was on the inside, I sewed a patch on it, no one was the wiser, but it bugged me. I made myself a denim skirt which didn't turn out too bad. I also made myself some summer t-shirt dresses which I wore quite a bit. I took a class on making cardigans out of sweatshirts and made myself 2 of those.

I made some clothes for Ben (he was about 9 years old at the time!). I made him some knit t-shirts, those turned out really cute. I also made him a pair of bib shortalls which also turned out pretty cute. I tried my hand at a pair of knit shorts for him which ended up looking like a skirt so I decided to stick to t-shirts. :-) I also made him a Christmas vest (oh man he wouldn't be caught dead in something like that now!) I made a fleece pullover for him and in my notes about it I wrote "Turned out okay but definitely looks homemade" :-) I also wrote "never make this again!" I think it was just a pain to make. Okay I'm looking over my old sewing notes some more and I see I made him a pair of black twill pants. I don't even remember that! I also made him a sweatshirt which turned out really cute. Most of what I made him came from the Kwik Sew Sewing for Children book.

I also made a ton of "house pants" for myself, my husband and son, and my sisters. They were just pants to lounge around the house in, made out of flannel. I made a few Christmas table runners, some pocket tissue holders for gifts, a remote control holder for my FIL as a birthday gift, and maybe one or two other things. After a year or two I guess I lost interest and stopped sewing for the most part. My machine got quite dusty and dirty, and I sold all the material I had stashed (not a lot) in a garage sale.

But NOW that I have 2 little girls, I am really excited to start sewing again. I took my machine in to be cleaned and oiled, got it back on Friday, and yesterday I made this for Lindsey...

...a dress made out of a pillowcase! It was so easy! I got the instructions here at Rostichery.

I'm not sure how often I'll get a chance to sew or post, but I will post pictures of what I've made when I can. I would love to link to your sewing blog if you have one! I'm especially interested in meeting other beginner sew-ers. Leave me a comment and say hi!