Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not giving up

I'm not going to totally give up on sewing. I am trying to get motivated once again. I made the girls matching pillowcases:

I am still such a novice. First I cut out the material the wrong way and I couldn't sew a straight line very well, but they fit the pillows (although the small one is a little tight, next time I will make it just a big bigger) so it's a start.

I don't know if anyone will even read this (I'm thinking no one will) but if you are, please comment and say hi!


Sandra said...

The pillow cases look great! Keep trying. It will come. Do you have a good machine? I found it harder to sew a straight seam with my old Singer that wasn't very good.

susan w. said...

Cute pillow cases! I couldn't sew a straight line when I started either. I finally got a decent machine and learned to NOT watch the needle when I sew!

Robert & Linda said...

I love the pillow cases!! I've been wanting to make some for Bruce, but haven't gotten around to it. Not sure how they'll look even if I get to it. I can barely sew a straight line.

Bruce's mommy

Anonymous said...

I think they turn out great.. personally i like a smaller pillowcase cos it kinda keep my pillows in shape :p